How to recover your system to a previous point in time using your System Recovery Disc.

Make sure that when you start your computer you boot to your native DVD/CD drive and not to windows.

Also make sure you have the Disc inserted into your Drive or else your computer will not detect your bootable System Recovery Disc.

After you boot from your Recovery Disc you will see this…


Click on System Restore…


Click Next…


In this case I had just installed windows, but for you there may be more options. Under description it shows what you had installed for that session of windows (Windows Update, Driver Updates, Installed Programs, etc). If you think your problem is there, select that system restore point and hit Next…


If you wish to Scan for affected Programs go ahead at this point, otherwise and or afterwards hit Finish…


This is a Warning just to make sure you know that this is a permanent change. Make sure you don’t have any important files that may be affected by this change.

Click Yes..


It will then proceed to do its thing, wait until it says “Finished”…


Congrats! You have successfully restored your Windows to a previous point in time. It’s like time travel, only less exciting!

All you have to do now is click Restart…


…And voila, time travel at it’s best (or worst).


You have now repaired Windows using the System Recovery Disk